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SPEDWatch offers two workshops designed to significantly expand the ability of parents and others to advocate effectively for a Massachusetts student with special needs.

Special Education Advocacy: 101

If you are new (or not so new!) to the world of special education this presentation will give you the basic information you’ll need to begin advocating for your student with disabilities. From building a strong independent clinical team, to working judiciously with school systems and understanding test results, this training lays a solid foundation on which more sophisticated advocacy techniques can be built. (Approx. 2 hours) $35 per person; $60 per parenting couple.

Basic Rights: Denied

What do you do when a child’s special education rights are violated? How can you avoid the roadblocks in the special education system? This presentation teaches participants how to use law, policy, and basic advocacy techniques to address the most common problems and regulatory violations that occur at each stage of the special education process. Prior attendance at a special education rights training such as Special Education Advocacy: 101 (above) is suggested but not required. (Approx. 2 hours) $35 per person; $60 per parenting couple.

Schedule 2009-2010

Check back often for additional dates.

Special Education Advocacy: 101




Basic Rights: Denied


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For more information call (508) 433-0995 or email infospedwatch@gmail.com 

SPEDWatch can also conduct your school district’s required annual workshop on the rights of students and their parents and guardians under state and federal special education laws; and can customize other trainings to meet your specific needs.