SPEDWatch - Special Education Activism


“SPEDWatch gives parents who can’t afford an advocate or attorney a place to turn for help without having to reach deep into their pockets. If you want to know why SPEDWatch is needed, just read their newsletter and listserv. Parents feel comfortable speaking out here. Parents fear retribution from their districts when they speak out without a crowd supporting them. SPEDWatch is that supportive crowd.”
Wilhelmina Howell, Sherborn
"Thanks for another great issue of your SPEDWatch newsletter. I look forward to it every month."
Kathleen Boundy, Esq.
Co-Director, Center for Law and Education
Boston and Washington, DC
“SPEDWatch parents are becoming a collective voice for change. They’re a community that says to other parents: ‘We’re all here for you. We’ll share our experiences. We won’t let what happened to our child happen to yours. We’ll give you the tools to prevent another child being abused by a broken system.' There are no checks and balances when it comes to our students with special needs. SPEDWatch is correcting that imbalance.”
Bonnie, Concord

”No one else is doing this work, the way we are here at SPEDWatch. There are many individual advocates (like myself) and we are doing what we can, family by family, but SPEDWatch takes advocacy to a new level: to activism. SPEDWatch gives people the courage and backup they need to stand up and insist that children’s special education rights be protected.”
Melinda Corey, Rockport
“I look forward to the monthly SPEDWatch newsletters. I've learned so much about handling non-compliance issues and the state and federal regulations and how to apply them to our situation. Everyday I’ve learned something new as I read through the daily messages on the SPEDWatch listserv. 
SPEDWatch brings special education parents together. If we band together we can make a difference in the lives of many. Thousands of parents all demanding that the rights of their children be recognized and upheld will not be seen as a nuisance, but a force.”
Traci, Walpole

“SPEDWatch has been a godsend to me. During the times when the Department of Education would not respond to my inquiries, SPEDWatch was there. When I cannot find the regulation I am looking for, SPEDWatch is there. Most of all, when I feel like this road is just too hard a road to travel, I find I am not alone. And that there is hope for the future.”
Marion King, Reading
“I'm overwhelmed and awestruck when I see how parents support each other through the SPEDWatch listserv. This group is completely selfless and the extent to which I've been helped, alone, is humbling.”
Joanne Stagnone, Tewksbury