SPEDWatch - Special Education Activism

Students Speak Out

“I just saw your [Channel 5 Chronicle] program. I guess not too much has changed since I was in sped ed. My parents had to fight the town to get my needs met. I was much happier out of public school when I was in a private sped school. It was much better for me. Public school is a nightmare. Kids tease you. Teachers don’t understand you. I have autism and learning disabilities."



"One day at home with my mom I saw a quote made by a man in the newspaper. The quote was very insulting. I've become rather use to people not agreeing with what my mom thinks. Anyway, I told her ‘Mom, I still can't believe people can say such horrible things about you.’ ‘Oh, that man was not talking about me, he was talking about kids with disabilities," my mom replied. Wow, what a TRUE gentleman he was! NOT!"

Sarah E. Chambers, age 16
Daughter of SPEDWatch founder Ellen M. Chambers
Mild case of High Functioning Autism


"You know mom, I don't understand how these people go to work every day and don't do their job, but still get paid. Someone like that Donald Trump guy should go to them all and say, 'You're fired!'"

Natalie, age 10


"Tell me again why these chumps think that kids in wheelchairs and who have other issues aren't appropriate to be my friends? They need to come here and see me and my friends in a real school."

Zach Martin, age 13, Chicopee