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PQA Letter of Finding

The complainant alleged that District policy causes undue delay when parents request an independent educational evaluation at public expense. Specifically, upon District receipt of a parental request for a publicly funded independent educational evaluation ("lEE"), the District requires its staff and parents to complete the following tasks before the parent's request is processed

Ellen Chambers files PQA complaint against BPS 2/12/2014: DESE Finding 14-0387


The complainant, on behalf of the District's Special Education Parent Advisory Council, several parents and all special education students in the District, alleges that IEPs often do not specify the type of service provider (e.g., "sped staff ' listed instead of "special education teacher" or "paraprofessional") 

HSEPAC files PQA complaint against HPS 9/20/2012: DESE Finding 13-0029


The complainant alleged that the District did not protect the confidentiality of another student's personally identifiable information. Specifically, she alleged the District provided a copy of another student's Executive Functioning Report in an e-mail on ·December 7, 2011 when she requested the student's Executive Functioning Progress Report

Parent files PQA complaint against APS 2/9/2012: DESE Finding 12-0367


You alleged that the AT consultant did not attend a transition Team Meeting on May 11, 2012, that this Team member's attendance was required because the student's AT services were going to be discussed; and that the District did not request your permission, in writing, for the excusal of the AT consultant, in violation of 34 CFR 300..12I

Parent files PQA complaint against HPS 9/17/2012: DESE Finding 12-0815


Shrewsbury SPED Director modified the IEP dates on the IEP without holding a team meeting and also did not make any efforts to hold a meeting at a time that would work for the guardian to attend and participate                                 Parent files PQA complaint on behalf of Guardian against SPS 3/5/2015DESE Finding 15-0514