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Parents Speak Out

Every day, Massachusetts parents call SPEDWatch about the difficulties they are encountering trying to secure appropriate educational services for their children with special needs.


“My 7 year old daughter has cerebral palsy with a full menu of other issues, one major one being behavior. We recently agreed as a School Team that she should receive ABA - and for the last three months it has made a great difference. The Team all agreed to carry it over for the summer but our Special Education Director denied it."

Southeastern MA Parent

“My son is autistic and he is supposed to have a one-to-one aide at all times. Once my brother went to the school and there was no one-to-one. Then I went, and again no one-to-one. The third time I went to the school there was no one-to-one and the assistant told me his one-to-one was at a training. I confronted the principal about it and she told me the aide was out sick. I said, ‘that’s funny because the assistant just told me she was at a training.’ The complaint was filed and now my son has a one-to-one and when she is out he is to have a substitute. It is a shame that the principal and everyone involved cared so little about my son, his education, and his future."

Marie Sousa, Taunton

“I know people whose rights are being violated repeatedly, and they're all forced to either shut up or go directly to the BSEA or mediation. I am incensed by what I hear around me and by the way parents are disrespected for just that .... being parents. This has GOT to change."


“I've hit tremendous roadblocks. I was told by the Director of Special Education Services: 'I will start listening to doctors' recommendations when I get to write prescriptions.' It took an educational consultant who specializes in autism, an advocate, lots of follow through and a little luck to finally get a minimally appropriate plan - and I'm an attorney."


know it’s an ugly statement, but I am jealous of those with enough money to pay professionals to compel schools to provide what is right. For those of us who struggle with poverty, fighting for what our children are entitled to is an even greater burden."

Marion K.