SPEDWatch - Special Education Activism


To secure the educational rights of all Massachusetts schoolchildren with disabilities, ages 3-21.

Guiding Principles

SPEDWatch is guided by these principles in the conduct of its activities:
  • People are fundamentally good. Given a chance to understand the damage done to children
    and families by noncompliance with special education law, their humanity will compel them to
    stand with us.
  • We seek to resolve all disputes through respectful dialogue. Where this is not possible it is
    our moral obligation to press forward using the techniques of nonviolent direct action.
  • Violence in action, word, or thought, has no place in our movement.
  • We strive always to observe the rules of common courtesy, and to conduct ourselves in a civil manner, even when courtesy and civility are not extended to us.
  • The educational rights of children are not subject to negotiation or compromise.