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Advocacy Briefs

Effective advocacy for students with special needs requires an understanding of special education law, process, and policy. It also requires the ability to use that knowledge to overcome the systemic barriers that frequently stand in the way of securing appropriate educational services for these children. SPEDWatch Advocacy Briefs explain special education and related laws and concepts in clear, easy-to-use language to help you build your advocacy skills.

1099 Form

Compensatory Services

How to File a Complaint

Discrimination Prohibited

Draft IEPs

Effective Progress

Free Appropriate Public Education (FAPE)

Functional Skills

IEP Delivery Timelines

IEPs vs 504 Plans

Independent Evaluations (Updated August 2016)

Least Restrictive Environment

Military Recruiting

Out of District Placements

School Observations

Stay Put

Team Meetings

Too Smart For Special Education

Educational vs. Medical Model


Sole Source Placement


Quick Start Guide to the Massachusetts Special Education Process

IMPORTANT: Special education law, process and policy are subject to change without notice. The accuracy of the information contained in SPEDWatch Advocacy Briefs, while carefully researched, is not guaranteed. SPEDWatch is not engaged in rendering legal, educational, medical, therapeutic, or other professional advice. If such advice is desired, readers should seek the services of an appropriate professional.

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